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1. What are your lead times?

Naturally, every client wants their product as quickly as possible. Our intent is to deliver the product as quickly as we realistically can without compromising or sacrificing quality. The lead time on reorders depends on:

  • Service lead-times for ingredients
  • Packaging lead times
  • Processing lead times

Based on these factors, we can give an accurate estimate. Lead time can range from a matter of days for a simple product or prepared formula, or it could be longer depending on various factors.


2. What are your minimums?

We take pride in our flexibility. We regularly help new-to-market clients get started with relatively small runs and also have relationships with very large international organizations. The best efficiency comes from full batch quantities. We have mixers of all sizes, shapes, and types to offer the greatest versatility.


3. What certifications does Uckele hold?

We are third-party certified against GMPs by NSF and the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). We are also APHIS-approved, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. External Link. Opens in new window. (OTCO), and Sustainable Quality Food (SQF) certified in our Adrian, MI, soft chew manufacturing facility.


4. Does Uckele help with formulation?

We are an industry leader in formulations. We can provide a customized formula for your needs or bring your formula into our system. In any case, we offer hands-on oversight and nutritional expertise to partner with you from start to finish in building a product that meets your needs.


5. I already have a formula; Will you use it as-is and manufacture my product line?

Yes, we often work with customer-supplied formulas.


6. Do you charge for product development?

We don’t charge for development unless there is a new inventory ingredient that has a relatively high cost of acquisition for samples or minimum orders. We will make a test batch or prototype for your review as part of your product development process.


7. Our company has proprietary ingredients. Can we supply our own materials?

Yes, we have customers regularly supply their own materials. Keep in mind, customer-supplied materials will be subject to vendor qualification processes.


8. Where is Uckele located?

We have two locations- one in Blissfield and one in Adrian.

Blissfield- 5600 Silberhorn Hwy Blissfield MI 49228
Adrian- 800 Liberty St Adrian MI 49221


9. Where do you purchase your ingredients?

We purchase our ingredients from highly qualified and audited vendors worldwide. We qualify suppliers and verify each ingredient that comes into our warehouse for identity, purity, and potency.


10. Do you work with hemp?

Yes, we do. Ask for more details.


11. How long will the product take from start to finish?

This depends on the complexity of the project. Simple projects could be completed in a few weeks. Complex projects will take longer. From a product development standpoint, three months is a good timeline estimate for new products.


12. Can we private label stock formulas that you already manufacture?

Yes, Uckele has formulas that are available for private labeling, which takes much of the development work out of the equation. These formulas range from human, equine, companion animal, and specialty production animal formulas.


13. What are your product type capabilities?

Uckele has more capabilities than most contract manufacturers including pellets, capsules, powders, soft chews, tablets, liquids, gels, salves, and more. We can provide details on our product and packaging capabilities.


14. Can I store my finished products with you?

Yes, Uckele can store limited quantities of finished goods with an arranged setup.


15. Can we schedule a site audit?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to invite anyone to come and visit us to perform a site audit. Contact your account representative or CSR to schedule one today.


16. Is it possible to develop a formula using only U.S.-sourced ingredients?

Yes. Sometimes the availability of U.S.-sourced ingredients can be challenging, but we can design a product to use only U.S.-sourced ingredients. We can also source your ingredients from specific regions or countries.


17. How do you qualify your ingredient vendors?

Our ingredient vendors must go through a strict vendor qualification process including potential site audits and ingredient testing for identity, purity, and potency.


18. Do you use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients?

We use ingredients of all types, from USP human-grade ingredients to feed grade. We will work with you to refine the specifications for each product to best suit your needs.


19. Can you help me export?

Yes. We are APHIS-certified on the animal side for specific formulas, and we have many broker relationships to provide export support for your brand.


20. Do you have in-house designers? Can you help design my label?

Yes, we have in-house designers who regularly design labels from scratch for customers as well as a wide variety of product packaging options. Our team can also assist you with suitable label claims on your packages.


21. Can you drop ship for me?

We will drop ship to distribution locations on an LTL basis.


22. Who develops your formulations?

We have Certified Nutritionists, Chemists, Quality Experts, Product Development Specialists, Veterinarians, and Dieticians on our formulation team. All formulation is led and directed by our Chief Science Officer, Jack Grogan.

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