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Manufacturing Excellence

Our reputation for integrity and ethical practices reflects our uncompromising commitment to providing the best products available at a fair cost, guaranteed to be pure, potent, safe, and fresh.



Maximizing Production Quality

Uckele operates four GMP-compliant supplement manufacturing facilities on two campuses. Our plants undergo annual audits to maintain Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification from NSF International. This certification requires the use of safe and effective ingredients, process controls throughout the entire facility, strict document and record controls, ongoing GMP training for employees, and finished product testing.

But our facilities are more than conveyors and packaging machines. They are centers of excellence where your products are manufactured by highly qualified, safety-minded personnel using the latest technology and equipment.

Operational Highlights

  • Advanced material handling
  • Industrial HVAC to maintain air quality and temperature
  • Thorough food and safety protocols
  • Comprehensive product warehousing
  • High volume capabilities
  • Multiple packaging systems
  • Dust-control systems
  • Flexibility for rapid changeover
  • Quick processing times with cost control protocols


Phase Gate Product Development Process

Our team works with entrepreneurs that operate a wide range of business sizes, from international corporations to budding start-ups. We can handle virtually any size order and offer flexible manufacturing for long and short runs to meet both small and large-scale market demands.

Product Development Process


Customization Is Standard For Us

Uckele’s unique formulas are created by researching thousands of raw ingredients and their combinations. We have the capacity for everything from large-scale projects to complex formulation processes for the industry’s largest, well-established, and highly respected brands.

Create Your
Formula for Success

Person testing formulations