Spring Skin Health

Long coats, warm days and lots of moisture keep fresh air, oxygen and sunlight away from the horse's skin. Dirt trapped deep in the coat irritates and breaks the skin. Organisms can also flourish in this environment.


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Hair Mineral Analysis

Find imbalances, toxins, overloads, deficiencies, and key mineral interrelationships.

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Having won over 100 Grand Prix in his lifetime, Show Jumper Wilhelm Genn recalls his favorite victory in 2015 after two Grand Prix Traverse City wins on two different horses - Bugatti and Welcome COR.


Most proud of winning the Calgary Stampede in 2015 and qualifying for the Wrangler National Rodeo five times.


Earned USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals before her 21st birthday. In 2005, she won the Young Rider Freestyle on a record score that, still stands.


Lifelong passion for making horses look better every day of their lives. Tom Specializes in fitting, training and preparing halter horses.

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