Any suggestions for DSLD?

Question: I have a 13 year old Friesian saddlebred cross that is my world. She was recently diagnosed with DSLD and I understand there isn't much that helps, though I am determined to get her on supplements that have been studied and shown to aid with tissue support, help with a normal inflammatory respons, and I have read recently on your blog about jiaogulon. I have several supplements in place and more in mind.  As of right now I am planning on and also have some of this already in place. Excel eq pro elite 2 ounces Equioxx 1per day Looking at Lubrigen Adding 129-240 grams collagen Turmeric 50 grams Jiaogulon 7 grams I'm hoping you can review this plan and make any suggestions or adjustments you think would be best. Dr. Kellon: DSLD (degenerative suspensory ligament desmitis) is a complicated condition but I will try to give you a synopsis without writing a book!
It refers to a progressive breakdown of ligament (or tendon) tissue that basically never heals although signs may come and go over time. The protocol for diagnosis is described here. In some cases it is a consequence of Cushing's disease which causes protein breakdown throughout the body (tendons and ligaments are made of protein). Those horses may be helped by pergolide treatment. In other cases it is caused by the horse's body manufacturing abnormal proteins when trying to repair normal wear and tear or exercise related injury. This is a genetic problem and cannot be cured, but we have found some ways to help support these horses.
In humans with degenerative (basically means nonhealing) tendon and ligament problem it has been found that increasing nitric oxide production supports healing. About 10 years ago I began trying a combination of the herb Jiaogulan, which is a potent promoter of nitric oxide production in healing pathways, and L-arginine or arginine alphaketoglutarate, an amino acid that is the precursor of the nitric oxide. If you join this group you will get details on dosage: 
Also very very important nutritionally is adequate protein/amino acids, magnesium, copper, folic acid, vitamin E - all nutrients that are also commonly deficient. That doesn't mean those deficiencies could cause DSLD, but the will interfere with the tissue doing the best it can to heal and maintain.
The ideal approach is to analyze your hay so that supplements can be finely tailored. Otherwise I would suggest feeding Uckele U Balance Foundation along with the Jiaogulan and AAKG or with LaminOx. LaminOx is our nitric oxide enhancer supplement that includes Jiaogulan, L-arginine, L-citrulline and other supports.
DSLD is not an inflammatory condition. Equioxx actually blocks Jiaogulan effects and is not recommended. Turmeric may also block it. Feeding the correct balance of fatty acids is important in general, but Camelina oil won't get you there. Feed either plain flax or Uckele CocoOmega. I haven't found collagen to be helpful. If you do use it, be sure it is nonhydrolyzed. Glucosamine and chondroitin are also contraindicated, although hyaluronic acid may help. LaminOx also contains hyaluronic acid.
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