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The supplement market today is flooded with new brands but not all supplements are healthy, safe, and intentionally formulated. Uckele has spent decades perfecting the science behind our supplements so our customers and their animals know decades of healthy and safe practices back every bottle, jar, or bag of supplements that we produce.

The science behind our supplements is simple: we source the best ingredients, work with a team of knowledgeable professionals, and keep health at the forefront of everything we do. This process has not only established Uckele as one of the world’s best supplement manufacturers, but it has made us a choice partner for custom supplement formulation and production.


Thousands of Ingredients

Animal supplement form options

Uckele has sourced thousands of ingredients from around the world to offer our customers the widest variety of options and thus the greatest possibilities to create something great. We have over 3,000 active formulas and over 3,500 raw materials including standard, proprietary, and specialty ingredients. We are always adding new ingredients as our customers discover new ways to bring healthier futures to people and animals around the world.

To ensure all of our ingredients meet our standards and industry compliance, we use pre-qualified vendors and defined quality specifications for every ingredient. Upon delivery to our facilities, ingredients are quarantined upon receipt and undergo quality inspections with control checks before they are released for use. Then, they’re tracked through customized software with strict lot control so every ingredient is fully traceable from start to finish.

A Team of Experienced Professionals

Uckele employee reading paperWhether you are a start-up that needs guidance in your formulation or an international brand looking to streamline your manufacturing, our team of experienced professionals is an essential part of your success.

Uckele can help facilitate every step of the formulation, design, manufacturing, and testing processes. From Certified Nutritionists and Chemists that can help perfect your supplement formula to Quality Experts and Product Development Specialists that will guarantee the careful production of your final product, our team consists of some of the best and brightest minds in the nutrition industry.


Compliance Guaranteed

Uckele employee reading paperNavigating the complexities of compliance for supplement labeling, dosage recommendations, and claims can be disorienting, and ineffective labeling can leave customers wondering if a product is truly safe. Uckele’s product development and quality control teams provide regulatory reviews so every product maintains complete compliance with stringent guidelines and regulations. Our team can even help you design a label that combines detailed regulatory compliance information with the unique brand image you’ve imagined for your supplements.

Our facilities and practices all meet or exceed the standards for FDA and GMP compliance, which requires the use of safe and effective ingredients, process controls throughout the entire facility, strict document and record controls, ongoing training for employees, and finished product testing. Uckele is also a founding member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), which helps businesses navigate the food safety and regulatory environment. Our high standards ensure your products will be safe, healthy, and compliant.


Backed by 60 Years of Experience

60 years logoWe work with brands and businesses of all sizes so our wealth of knowledge continues to grow as we develop creative solutions, innovative formulas, and streamlined processes for our customers.

Over 60 years of operation, Uckele has developed and perfected the science behind our supplement manufacturing. Together, we can find your formula to success.