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When your business is growing and it’s time to consider outsourcing some (or all) of your supplement manufacturing, you may feel overwhelmed with finding a partner you can trust. Choosing a contract manufacturer that has a proven history, offers the right solutions, has robust quality standards, and provides excellent customer support throughout the process is important.

Choosing your contract manufacturer on price alone is not enough when you’re trusting someone else with your brand and your reputation–so keep these other considerations in mind:

  1. Know your product

You can’t pick the right contract manufacturer if you don’t understand your product’s defining characteristics. Compiling the relevant details about the ingredients, form, and budget will help you identify a supplement manufacturer that can meet these most basic requirements.

  1. Know your values

Working with a contract manufacturer is like adding another employee to your team or a department to your business. Finding a contract manufacturer that aligns with your values can increase the effectiveness of your partnership.

  1. Understand their capabilities

Researching a contract manufacturer’s capability in terms of fulfillment and logistics, adaptability, and industry knowledge is a key factor in determining if they are the right fit for you.

  1. Personnel and Expertise

Identifying a contract manufacturer who specializes in your industry is important to the success of your product. Asking about their depth of experience, certifications, and in-house specialists will help you decide whether they can provide both industry insights as well as specialized expertise.

  1. Equipment and Quality Standards

Production of your supplement requires not only specialized equipment but also adherence to high-quality standards. Quality standards apply to health and safety codes, the ingredient and form quality, and the processes that ensure quality practices are in place and followed.

  1. Reputation

A contract manufacturer that is well known and has a long history in the industry typically is more heavily invested in high-quality production. A contract manufacturer with a good reputation also is highly incentivized to maintain their good standing in the industry.

  1. Communication

Establishing a partnership with a supplement contract manufacturer is a big decision, which is why choosing a partner who communicates well with their customers is vital. Asking questions about how they communicate with customers at every stage of the process and what kind of metrics and reporting they provide on a regular basis can also help in choosing the right partner.

  1. Location

Location can be a factor in some cases when it comes to shipping costs and timelines. Identifying whether the location of a contract manufacturer will influence delivery or cost is an important consideration.

  1. Research and Development

Contract manufacturers with a research and development department are actively working to improve products and processes. This could benefit you in future product development or optimizing your current product for improved customer experience. At the very least it indicates the manufacturer’s expertise and innovation in your industry.

  1. Confidentiality

Non-Disclosure and intellectual property agreements may be a critical factor in your decision. Reputable supplement contract manufacturers should be willing to sign an agreement that protects both parties’ confidential information.

Did you know?

The advantages of contract manufacturing include cost savings, improved quality, better resource management, improved scalability, and risk reduction.

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