Zephyr's Garden Canine Skin Rescue Salve 4 oz.

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Canine Skin Rescue Salve is an  all-natural, water resistant salve providing soothing emollient support and a tough protective shield for dryness on elbows and nose, bug bites and skin abrasions.  Comfrey may promote hair growth by accelerating cell division, while Calendula and Lavender Flowers may help ease discomfort of temporary skin irritation and reduce oxidative stress. 


A must-have for everyday grooming, show  trunks and first-aid kits for use on sores, cuts, abrasions, dry skin, - anywhere yourdog's skin has temporary skin irritation.  Also supports normal healing and strong hair re-growth.  Excellent for facial & head scrapes.

This powerful salve has staying power to help ease discomfort from temporary skin irritation with Tea Tree Essential Oil, Olive Leaf and Calendula Flower.   Comfrey and Plantain Leaf provide emollient and astringent support, while Lavender Flower and Essential Oil provide antioxidant support. 

Directions:  Clean skin thoroughly before application.  Apply daily until affected areas show signs of hair regrowth. 

Calendula Flower may help ease discomfort caused by temporary skin irritation.  Native to southern Europe, the use of Calendula Flower dates back at least to the 15th century, when the flowers were traditionally used to relieve skin irritations. 

Comfrey Leaf is emollient and astringent, and helps soothe and dry temporary skin irritations.  Native to Europe and temperate regions of Asia, history dates its use back to the ancient Greeks who thought Comfrey Leaf had been in use for at least 2000 years; some European writers believed from the time of the Garden of Eden. 

Lavender Flower and Essential Oil provide antioxidant support.  Native to the Mediterranean, Lavender is an aromatic evergreen that was widely introduced into Europe and North America.  The essential oil was traditionally used to support healing, and was mixed with other oils for an antimicrobial effect.

Olive Leaf supports healthy skin and was traditionally used for centuries as a medicinal herb to support a variety of skin conditions.

Plantain Leaf provides soothing emollient support.  Originally native to Europe and Asia, Plantain leaf was introduced throughout the world, and was traditionally used to dress wounds and sores of all sorts.  

Tea Tree Essential Oil helps maintain healthy skin.  The Tea Treeis native to the East Indies and tropical Australia with a long history of use by the native Australian population, and was first described in writing in the 1700’s as a potent antiseptic.

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