Whole Hoof Health Spray 16oz

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Gentle equine herbal spray to support healthy hooves in wet conditions.

Perfect for barefoot or shod horses in challenging ground conditions, including extremes of wet or dry and stall confinement. Oregano Essential Oil assists in maintaining a normal balance of microbes on the feet. Calendula Flower, Golden Seal, White Willow Bark, and Oregon Grape Root Tinctures help balance moisture levels and promote good cell turnover.

Dries clear and is free of dyes, preservatives, or harsh chemicals. Will not damage live tissue.

Sprayer included.

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16oz bottle
32oz bottle

Zephyr's Whole Hoof Health Spray is a favorite of farriers and natural trimmers. The herbal ingredients were chosen for their ability to resolve hoof issues related to wet or moist conditions, diet, compromised movement or hoof trim. A little goes a long way with this solution.

Whole Hoof Health Spray can be used up to twice a day, and is very effective as proactive support for healthy, normal hooves. Whole Hoof Health Spray works on contact and dries quickly.

Directions: Clean hoof carefully with hoof pick and remove all dirt and debris. Spray into crevices surrounding frog and sole. Allow to penetrate and drip off hoof. Do not rinse. Hooves can be sprayed up to twice daily. Spray weekly to proactively support hoof health in wet conditions.

This product is for hoof use only. For external, animal use only. Do not apply to horse’s skin, or near open wounds. Do not use near open flames. Avoid eye areas. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Oregano oil may be irritating to skin, so wash hands thoroughly with soap after use.

Calendula Flower may help ease discomfort caused by temporary hoof irritation. From the common marigold, Calendula is native to southern Europe with use dating back at least to the 15th century.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is from a tree indigenous to Australia that helps promote normal surface flora.

Goldenseal Root is an astringent native to Canada and the Eastern United States. Rich in the alkaloids Berberine and Hydrastine, it helps soothe and dry temporary surface irritations.

Oregano Essential Oil helps maintain normal microbial populations on surface body tissues. Native to Europe and the Mediterranean, Oregano comes from a bushy perennial plant that is a member of the mint family.

Oregon Grape Root helps support normal, healthy cellular turnover in the hoof. From a holly-like bush native to western North America, particularly the mountainous Pacific Northwest.

Tea Tree Essential Oil helps balance moisture levels to maintain healthy hooves. From a tree native to the East Indies and tropical Australia, its long history of use by the native Australian population was first described in writing in the 1700’s.

White Willow Bark has a topical astringent action, and has been used in China and Europe dating back to 400 BC.

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