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Maintaining tendon and ligament strength is central to keeping your horse's training and performance schedules on track. Proper ingredients to fuel the special needs of tendon and ligament tissues can help ensure there is no roadblock to healthy tissues. Targeted supplementation can support the repair of micro-damage which is an inevitable consequence of normal athletic activity. 

3.9 lb bag = 30 day supply

11.7 lb bag = 90 day supply

Tendons and ligaments are rope-like structures composed of interwoven and connected strands of type I collagen, the most common type of connective tissue.

At least 50% of your horse's body protein is invested in connective tissue. Collagen is the major protein in connective tissue and has a very different amino acid profile compared to muscle.

Glycine is the most abundant amino acid in collagen and key to its three dimensional structure. The major essential amino acid of importance to collagen is lysine, present both as lysine and an amino acid unique to collagen, hydroxylysine. Hydroxylysine is produced by adding a hydroxyl group (-OH) to lysine in a reaction that requires vitamin C. Copper is essential for the creation, maturation and maintenance of all structural tissues from bone andjoint cartilage to tendons and ligaments. Lysyl oxidas e is an enzyme which forms the strengthening crosslinks between collagen strands. It requires copper for its activity. Zinc is an important antioxidant which has been shown to protect the structure of collagen. Research has also uncovered a key role for nitric oxide in tendon health and maintenance.

Tendon EQ provides high level nitric oxide support with Jiaogulan. Jiaogulan maximizes levels of the anabolic eNOS nitric oxide generating enzyme while supporting normal homeostatic modulation of the inflammatory iNOS form.

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