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Perfect for the horse in wet, humid conditions to support smooth, healthy skin and a strong, glossy coat for a happy horse.  Suggested minimum trial period is 3 applications.

Perfect for the horse in wet, humid conditions, this gentle, all-natural salve helps maintain smooth healthy skin with soothing, drying support and a tough protective shield.  It can be applied directly to bug bites and abrasions, and may help ease discomfort from skin irritation.  With 11 herbs and essential oils, including Tea Tree Oil, St John’s Wort and Echinacea.  

Available in 8oz or 16oz jar.

Tea Tree Salve is a powerful herbal solution that can be applied daily to skin affected by humid, wet conditions to support healthy, smooth skin and new hair growth.  Plantain Leaf, Tea Tree Essential Oil, White Willow Bark, Golden Seal Root and Comfrey Leafprovide astringent and emollient support to help soothe and dry skin irritations. Oregon Grape Root and Echinacea Root provide antiseptic support to maintainnormal skin flora.  Chaparral Leaf, St. John’s Wort, Burdock Root and Calendula Flower providepowerful antioxidant and microbial support that protects cells from damaging free radicals and may help ease discomfort caused by skin irritation.

Whether it’s the horse’s skin or hooves, Tea Tree Salve will do the job without the addition of toxic chemicals.  Zephyr's Tea Tree Salve can be used with Tea Tree Tonic Spray and Shampoo.

Directions:  Apply as often as needed.  Clean skin thoroughly before application.  Discontinue use when new hair growth is observed.  Can be used alone or with shampoo and spray.  Spray entire affected area, allow to dry, then spread salve over sprayed area to provide protective barrier.  Water resistant and long-lasting. 

Plantain Leaf provides soothing emollient support.  Originally native to Europe and Asia, Plantain Leaf was introduced throughout the world and widely used for wounds and sores of all sorts.  

Oregon Grape Root supports normal cellular turnover in skin.  A holly-like bush native to Western North America, Oregon Grape Root is found in the mountainous Pacific Northwest.

Calendula Flower may help ease discomfort caused by temporary skin irritation.  From the common marigold, native to southern Europe, Calendula Flower’s use dates back at least to the 15th century, when the flowers were traditionally used topically to relieve skin irritations. 

White Willow Bark has a topical astringent action, and has been used in China and Europe dating back to 400 BC.

Tea Tree Essential Oil helps maintain healthy skin.  The Tea Treeis native to the East Indies and tropical Australia with a long history of use by the native Australian population first described in writing in the 1700’s as a potent antiseptic.

Comfrey Leaf is emollient and astringent, and helps soothe and dry temporary skin irritations.  Native to Europe and temperate regions of Asia Comfrey Leaf’s written history dates back to the ancient Greeks who thought it had been in use for at least 2000 years; some European writers believed from the time of the Garden of Eden. 

Chaparral Leaf contains Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid (NDGA), a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radical effects, and has antimicrobial properties.  Originating in South America and now found throughout the Southwestern United States, Chaparrel Leaf was traditionally used topically on wounds and a variety of skin afflictions. 

St. John's Wort helps protect cell health with antioxidant action.  Found worldwide, the use of St. John Wort dates back at least to the ancient Greeks as an anti-inflammatory.

Golden Seal Root helps soothe and dry temporary skin irritations.  An astringent native to Canada and the Eastern United States, Golden Seal Root is rich in the alkaloids Berberine and Hydrastine, and was traditionally used topically for skin irritations. 

Burdock Root is anemollient and mildly astringent antimicrobial that provides antioxidant properties that can be found around the world in countries located in the Northern Hemisphere.  Burdock Root was traditionally used for all types of skin irritations. 

Echinacea Root is a topical antiseptic that helps maintain normal skin flora.  This herb in the daisy family is native to Eastern and Central North America. 





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