Poly Copper Pellets 5lb

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Poly Copper is important for proper bone and connective tissue formation.  Coated with polysaccharide to protect it from being released until it reaches the site where it is most effectively absorbed. Available in a palatable powder or pellet.

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Feed at the rate of 1 scoop daily = approximately 15 grams (included). 
1 lb. jar = 181 day supply.  10 lb. bag = 1814 day supply (no scoop)

Copper is a micromineral, and one of the most important trace minerals for the horse. Copper plays a role in a variety of functions within the horse’s body. As a component of many enzyme systems, Copper is also involved in making Iron available to the body for hemoglobin formation.

Poly Copper is for horses with diets deficient in Copper or high in Copper antagonists, such as sulfate in drinking water, or diets that include high iron intake. 

This Poly Copper supplement is coated with polysaccharide, which protects it from being released until it reaches the digestive site where it is most effectively absorbed for maximum bioavailability. 


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