Optimize Pellets 50lb

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Optimize Pellets are a high fiber, low-sugar and low-starch feed ideal for horses with sensitivity to dietary sugars.  Highly palatable alternative to the usual starchy grain and high sugar content most commercial feeds contain.  Helps prevent high post-feeding spikes in blood glucose, and can be fed dry or soaked.  Generous levels of trace minerals, Magnesium, Probiotics, fatty acids, and vitamins.

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Feeding Directions: Feed 2 pounds daily to mature equine (2-1/2 scoops twice daily). 1 scoop = 6 oz. (included)

50 lb. bag (25 day supply)

The horse's digestive tract and hormones are not designed to handle meals high in simple sugars like molasses, or feed that is high in starch such as grains and wheat bran.  Too much starch and/or sugar in one meal can lead to digestive upset, bloating, and soft manure in any horse, while horses with sensitivity to dietary sugars can experience large insulin surges.  Unrestricted intake of high sugar/starch meals can generate much worse consequences. 

The base of Optimize has no molasses added.  Beet pulp from sugar beet has the sugar extracted by soaking in hot water.  It is rich in readily fermentable soluble fiber, which also functions as a Prebiotic in the horse.  Beet pulp delivers as many calories as plain oats, but is fermented in the hind gut, which is safer.  Other low-sugar, low-starch ingredients with minimal insulin response are rice bran and corn distiller grains.  Distiller grains have had their starch virtually eliminated by fermenting them in the process of making ethanol.  The result is a high protein, highly palatable horse feed ingredient.

Whether you are looking for a feed for a horse with sensitivity to dietary sugars, or simply want to reduce sugar and starch intake, this feed is ideal.  It also has generous levels of trace minerals, Probiotics, fat and water soluble vitamins.  As an added plus, it is a high Magnesium feed, which is beneficial for central nervous system and muscle function, as well as providing support for insulin responsiveness.

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