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Muscle is your horse's motor. Keeping it properly fueled nutritionally can help the horse reach his natural potential for speed and endurance, maintain smooth gaits, hold better bulk/definition and enjoy muscles that are able to properly relax after work. By targeting key nutrients you can ensure there are no preventable barriers to smooth, efficient muscular activity.

Muscle EQ provides powerful, research proven, muscle support ingredients. The 100% naturally-occurring contents will not test. Palatable maltodextrin base also naturally supports uptake by the muscles.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCar):  This metabolite of L-carnitine is an excellent antioxidant and an important natural regulator of glucose metabolism in the muscle cell.  ALCar turns on the enzyme systems which direct glucose into energy generating pathways and away from glycogen storage so that the muscle has adequate power for work and also for relaxation. In order to relax, the muscle needs energy in the form of ATP to clear free calcium ions from the interior of the cells. ALCar is documented to enhance the early response to training in horses.

 L-leucine:  L-leucine is one of the branched chain amino acids, the BCAAs, and is the most abundant amino acid in muscle. L-leucine is a structural amino acid in muscle and also used as an energy source during exercise.  It's metabolites have a powerful anabolic effect, enhancing muscle bulk and definition. It is one of the essential amino acids, meaning it has to be obtained from the diet.

 L-lysine, D,L-methionine:  Lysine and methionine are the two essential amino acids that are most likely to be deficient in the diet. The horse cannot properly maintain and build muscle bulk if intake is too low.

 Trimethyl Glycine (TMG):  Also know as Betaine, TMG has been shown to maintain good hydration, increase the efficiency of energy generation, enhance exercise tolerance, endurance and work capacity. It also helps promote the normal anabolic response to exercise, leading to better bulk and definition.

 Beta-Alanine:  Supplementation with beta-alanine increases muscle carnosine level, an important buffer for controlling acidity during exercise.  It can support efficient biochemistry in working  muscles.

 Feed one scoop once or twice daily to optimize nutritional support of muscle function.

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