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Mare Ease promotes hormonal support for a balanced reproductive cycle without excessive changes in mood and behavior. Specially selected ingredients promote healthy endocrine function, hormone balance and stability, healthy muscular relaxation, and brain and nervous system health for a healthy, happy mare.

*Caution: Not for use in pregnant mares.

Available in additional sizes:
1.5lb jar = 34 day supply
4.5lb jar = 102 day supply

Use at the rate of 10 grams twice daily or seasonally as needed. 1 rounded scoop = approximately 10 grams (included). Caution: Not for use in pregnant mares.

It’s been every mare owner’s experience that the mare’s reproductive cycle can bring on mood swings, irritability, muscular tension, erratic behavior patterns and a general uncooperative attitude. Due to hormone fluctuations, there are distinct physiological causes for these mare-ish behaviors. Endocrine support can help balance the reproductive cycle, mood and behavior, as well as healthy hormone balance and relaxation.

Ingredients that support a healthy functioning major female hormones:

- Raspberry Leaf Powder supports healthy muscular relaxation
- Magnesium: supports a healthy balance between muscular contraction and relaxation, brain and nervous system health
- Chasteberry Extract supports a healthy endocrine system and relaxation
- Dong Quai Root Powder supports a healthy balance between the balance between the two major female hormones
- Placental Substance, Uterus Substance and Ovarian Substance support balance during periods of significant hormonal fluctuation
- Calcium D-Glucarate, Chrysin and Indole 3 Carbinole support a stable relationship between estrogen and progesterone.

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