Equi-VM Powder 50lb

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Equi-VM is a vitamin and trace mineral formula concentrated source of vitamins, time-released trace minerals, abundant probiotics, and digestive enzymes for horses of all life stages and activity levels. Does not contain any added Calcium, Phosphorus, or Salt to allow for easy feeding program balancing.

Available in additional sizes:
7.5lb pail = 60 - 120 day supply
20lb pail = 160 - 320 day supply
50lb bag = 400 - 800 day supply

Feed at the rate of 28.35-56.7 g per head per day top dressed on feed. (Directions based on 1000 lbs. body weight) 1 rounded scoop = approximately 28.35 g (included)

Vitamin and mineral requirements, like other nutrients, are affected by a variety of issues. Equi-VM can provide overall vitamin and mineral support regardless of age, reproductive status, amount of exercise, or specific needs, such as gastrointestinal or joint health.

Many horses do not have the advantage of lush green pasture year around, so supplementation of vitamins and minerals is important to maintain optimal health. Equi-VM vitamin and mineral formula supports vitality and optimal health by supplying the full spectrum of vitamins and trace minerals most likely to be deficient in amounts designed to complement a wide range of diets.


- Vitamins have two basic categories, fat soluble and water soluble, depending on how they are absorbed and where they can be found in the body. Fat soluble vitamins must be eaten along with fat - a process that requires bile, to be absorbed.
- Fat soluble vitamins are either incorporated into fat or structures that contain fat or lipids, like cell membranes. Water soluble vitamins do not need any special processing to be absorbed and are found within the intracellular fluid of cells.


- The word mineral brings to mind Calcium or bone, but there is much more to it than that. As a class, minerals are even more important than most vitamins because vitamins can often be manufactured by the horse or the organisms in the intestinal tract from other nutrients, while minerals can only be obtained from the diet.
- Minerals from supplements are actually better absorbed than minerals from the horse's food. This is partially because some minerals in foods are bound to fiber fractions that are not easily broken down, and partially because other minerals in the food can compete for absorption.

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