Equi-Base Grass Pellets 15lb

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Equi-Base Grass is a comprehensive base vitamin/mineral mix featuring Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper and Zinc, and the B-complex vitamins to support energy metabolism.  Digestive enzymes and Probiotics promote healthy gastrointestinal function. Designed to balance diets based on grass hay/forage or a 50/50 alfalfa grass forage provides high concentrations of vitamins and minerals.


Available in additional sizes:
15lb pail = 60 day supply
30lb pail = 118 day supply
45lb pail = 177 day supply

Feed at the rate of 115g (1 scoop) daily (Directions based on 1000 lbs body weight)

Equi-Base Grass Pellet provides key nutrients that may be deficient or imbalanced in the horse’s diet to help maintain health and vitality.

Implementing the most recent advances in scientific nutritional research, Equi-Base Grass is manufactured using exclusive technologies that provide higher nutrient bioavailability. Equi-Base Grass is scientifically balanced to be rich in high potency vitamins, and minerals to balance diets.

Equi-Base Grass fortifies your horse’s diet with supplementary Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper and Zinc. Contains balanced, high levels of vitamins, especially the B-complex vitamins to support energy metabolism, along with grape seed and digestive enzymes to support a healthy metabolism and elimination. Equi-Base Grass also provides Probiotics to support a healthy digestive tract and improve nutrient utilization.

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