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A highly concentrated source of the essential amino acid DL-Methionine.  Supports the health and integrity of the body proteins.

Feeding Directions: Feed at the rate of 10 g daily. 1 scoop = approximately 10 g (included). 5 lb. bag

Methionine is the second most essential amino acid in the equine diet, meaning the horse cannot manufacture it himself and it must be obtained from the diet. Methionine serves many key functions in the body and strong hoof tissue.

Methionine is a Sulfur containing amino acid, precursor to another Sulfur amino acid, Cysteine. Cysteine is present in high concentrations in the hoof wall, and bonds between the Sulfur molecules contribute to hoof strength.

It is also the precursor for Taurine, which is essential for heart health, and L-Carnitine, a molecule that carries fats into the mitochondria to be burned as fuel.

In the muscle, Methionine is essential for the production of Creatine, a storage form of high energy Phosphate and a contributor to muscle growth.

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