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Your horse’s hoof-health is vital to wellbeing and can be indicative of overall physical condition. CocoHoof is a high-potency hoof supplement gives weak, shelly hooves a boost of fatty acids, amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals to support normal hoof growth and strong, tough hooves.

Biotin supports the health and growth of keratin and other connective tissue. Lysine and Methionine are key amino acids essential for hoof growth. Omega Fatty Acids help maintain pliability and hoof moisture level.
Hoof wall is a specialized form of skin called epithelial tissue. The same nutrients that are central to healthy hooves are also needed to properly feed the skin and coat.

Available in multiple sizes:
4lb bag = 60 day supply
12lb bag = 180 day supply 


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CocoHoof Pellets

Directions: Feed at the rate of 30 g. Daily. 1 level scoop = approximately 30 g. (included). 

Our most comprehensive skin and hoof supplement, CocoHoof, is a balanced, high-potency combination of fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to support healthy skin and hooves by reducing excessive oxidation that can disrupt the healthy growth of hoof tissue.

Fatty acids are to fatty tissues what amino acids are to protein. The importance of fatty acids to hoof health and integrity is usually overlooked. The various fats and waxes fill the spaces between the keratinocytes. They give the outer layer of a healthy hoof a naturally slick feel and shine. The outermost layer of the hoof wall (stratum externum, aka periople) also contains a variety of fats and waxes, as does the “hard”/dead portion of the hoof wall in general. When present in correct amounts in an unbroken layer, these seal moisture into the deeper hoof structures and seal water out.

The skin and coat depend on nutrients that support its major protein, keratin, as well as fatty acids to prevent drying and provide the background material that anchors cells, nutrients for pigment production and maintenance of cell division and immune functions.

CocoHoof contains: 

• High concentrations of the amino acids Lysine and Methionine and hydrolyzed collagen, which are important for connective tissue proteins, hoof integrity and growth, and immune defense.
• The minerals Zinc, Copper, and Manganese are antioxidant and tissue support minerals necessary for the proper production of proteins responsible for structural strength and integrity in skin, hair and hooves, and for keratin development in the hoof wall.
Biotin, a vitamin necessary for the health and growth of the hoof proteins and other connective tissue, including keratin.
• A high omega-3 array of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids to help maintain pliability and hoof moisture level.
Pyroxidene, a key B vitamin for protein assembly
• Highly palatable base of expellers' (cold pressed) sunflower seed meal, flax meal and copra meal with fenugreek and natural CocoSoya flavoring
• No artificial preservatives

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