At Uckele, we have committed ourselves to the science of understanding good nutrition. For over 55 years we pride ourselves in formulating and manufacturing the best dietary products on the market for you, your dog and your horse. As a family business, we’ve built a solid reputation as a trusted leader in the production of the highest quality nutritional supplements available. Mike Uckele, our CEO, carries his Grandfather’s business forward with the strong core values of integrity, excellence and synergy. But, he doesn't do it alone. Our expert team of Certified Nutritionists, Chemists, Quality Experts and Product Development Specialists are some of the brightest minds in the nutrition industry.


We want to let you know that due to the sudden and sustained higher costs of inputs to products, we are forced to pass along price increases.

Uckele Health & Nutrition has tried to prevent price increases for as long as possible. However, the recent increase in costs of raw materials and other inputs is now too great to absorb. Even with the new prices, we believe that the products are still highly competitive in the market for top quality and proven effectiveness at the fairest pricing available.

Thank You for Your Continued Support!

- The Uckele Team - 

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