BUG NM Pellet 2lb

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Perfect for any horse bothered by biting insects. Bug NM may discourage flies from landing on or biting your horse by providing natural support from the “inside-out.” Natural ingredients include Garlic, Diatomaceous Earth, MSM, and Brewer’s Yeast to promote healthy skin and immune function.

Available in additional sizes:
2lb = 30 day supply
5lb pail = 75 day supply
25lb bag = 375 day supply

Directions for Use: Use at the rate of 30 grams daily. 1 scoop = 30g (included).

Damaging pests stay away

Bug NM is a balanced blend of natural ingredients that can help your horse fend off insects.  More than just a pest, insects can spread infection and disease, and over time, can injure equine skin tissue. 

This supplement contains a combination of ingredients, including Garlic, formulated to act internally to support skin health.

- Diatomaceous Earth is thought to discourage insects from breeding in manure.
MSM, Garlic and Thiamine supply essential sulfur compounds that excrete through the skin to help maintain healthy skin and reduce oxidative stress.  The allyl sulfides are odiferous compounds found in garlic that are excreted into the sweat.
- The B Vitamins Thiamine and Pyridoxine support the body's ability to maintain healthy skin. 


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