Bon Appetit Powder, 3lb

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Bon Appėtit is a high potency B vitamin supplement to support a horse's healthy appetite, body, and mind.

B vitamins are associated with vigor and energy for good reason.  From appetite to cellular activity throughout the body, B vitamins play key roles.


Bon Appetit Powder

Horses derive some of their B vitamins (there are 8 of them) from the diet, mostly hay and pasture, as well as a large contribution from the microorganisms inhabiting their intestinal tract. This is enough to prevent full-blown deficiency states but there are many situations where supplies may fall short.

Horses that are malnourished have low supplies of B vitamins both from insufficient food and insufficient production by the gut flora. Those organisms depend on what the horse eats too.  Similarly, horses with GI problems both acute and chronic suffer a decline in B vitamin production.  It has been established that older horses have decreased number and variety of organisms in their intestinal tract.

Horses with poor appetite are caught in a vicious cycle. Poor intake means poor B vitamin production. Poor B vitamin levels mean poor appetite. Thiamin in particular has been linked to appetite. Horses in heavy work may also have low levels because their requirements are much higher. B vitamins are essential for normal energy generation from fats and carbohydrates as well as the metabolism of amino acids and synthesis of the nonessential amino acids.

Another critical role for B vitamins is the support of bone marrow activity. Failure to properly fuel this function results in anemia. White blood cells are also affected.  B6 is needed to produce normal numbers and activity of lymphocytes. B12 and folate (folic acid) deficiency can result in low white blood cell counts.

Because of its high metabolic activity, cells of the brain and nervous system are heavily reliant on all the B vitamins.  B12, B6, and thiamin (B1) are especially important.  A nervous system well supplied with B vitamins is alert and responsive but also calm.

Feeding Directions:

Feed at the rate of 15 g daily.

1 scoop = approximately 15 g (included)

~ 90 Day Supply

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