Bladder and Kidney Soft Chews

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Targeted nutritional support can help your dog maintain a healthy kidney and bladder.  Because the dog’s bladder is open to the world  through the urethra, it must maintain a high level of alert against bacterial infections. These tasty soft chews feature key ingredients that perform on several levels for direct, soothing immune support.

Your dog’s urinary system is responsible for balancing fluid and mineral levels in the body.  Together with the liver it is also responsible for eliminating toxins, drug metabolites, degraded hormones and a host of metabolic waste products.  Small wonder a dog with problems is  very ill. 

 These delicious soft chews help keep your dog comfortable and promote healthy immune function.

 - D-mannose and cranberry help make the bladder walls a difficult place for bacteria to attach

-  Vitamin C promotes pH adjustment and general immune system support

-  Blueberry and Beet for antioxidant defenses

-  Olive leaf extract for overall immune system support

- N-acetyl-glucosamine and Marshmallow Root combine for a soothing effect on irritated tissues lining the urinary tract.

 These tasty and convenient chews also contain Taurine and Betaine which help the kidney to retain the proper amount of water and minerals to allow it to efficiently make urine and eliminate wastes and excesses.

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