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Biotin 2% promotes and maintains hoof growth rate and quality.  Perfect for the horse owner who prefers to feed only Biotin, or to add extra Biotin to a multiple-ingredient hoof formula. Features 20 mg. in a palatable Dried Brewers Yeast base, an excellent B-Vitamin whole food source.

Feed at the rate of 1 scoop daily. 1 scoop = approximately 1 gram (included)

Hoof issues are among the most common complaints of horse owners. The negative effects of low Biotin levels show up quickly in the hoof because the hoof has such a high rate of cell division, which involves energy generation. Biotin supplementation has been proven in multiple studies to improve the rate of hoof growth and the integrity of the hoof horn.

Biotin is a B vitamin that is required for the activation of enzymes involved in energy metabolism, and for the processing of fatty acids that play an important role as the “cement” that holds cells together by sealing moisture within the deeper hoof structures, and sealing water out of the outer hoof.

Benefits of supplementation can be seen in the general health and overall strength of skin and coat. Notable symptoms of severe

Biotin deficiency include hair loss, dermatitis, rashes and brittle hooves. These are likely the result of Biotin's important roles in fatty acid metabolism, energy generation and DNA regulation.

Biotin also combines with the amino acid Leucine for muscle support, and supports the healthy generation of glucose in the liver. It interacts on a molecular level with DNA to support the immune system, helps maintain a positive inflammatory response, and healthy blood sugar levels.

Since a very small amount of Biotin is required, it is mixed into a carrier base of Dried Brewers Yeast, also a good B-Vitamin whole food source, to make accurate measurement easier.

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