Bioplex Magnesium

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Bioplex Magnesium is involved in over 250 separate body reactions in the horse, magnesium also balances the actions of calcium.





Feed at the rate of one scoop (providing 1690 mg of elemental Magnesium).

Consult your Uckele representative and/or veterinarian for advise when feeding levels beyond the recommended 1 scoop.

2 lb. jar = 47 day supply

Magnesium is involved in over 250 separate body reactions in the horse.  In many cases it serves to naturally balance the actions of Calcium.

Horses on high intakes of fat may also benefit from a Magnesium supplement, since fat and Magnesium combine in the intestinal tract to form nonabsorbable soaps, which are formed when fatty acids react with Magnesium ions to form compounds called stearates, also known as "soaps."  These Magnesium stearates do not remain dissolved in solution and are carried out of the intestinal tract without being absorbed. 

The recommended supplement dosage of Magnesium is ideally based first on analysis of the diet, but knowledge of regional mineral profiles in forages can also be used.  In most areas a dose of 5,000 to 10,000 mg of Magnesium daily. We advise to seek advice of your veterinarian or nutritionist about feeding higher levels. 

Tests that can be done to confirm Magnesium deficiency include urinary Magnesium clearance.  Magnesium levels in hay can also be tested.  Magnesium supplementation may be indicated for both absolute and relative deficiencies in horses.  An absolute deficiency is when the total Magnesium intake is below the minimum recommended for the horse.  A relative deficiency is when high levels of Calcium or Phosphorus may interfere with Magnesium absorption.

Bioplex Magnesium is a Proteinate, which may be more bioavailable than inorganic forms of Magnesium to ensure a higher level of Magnesium delivery to cells.  A single 1900 mg dose of magnesium from Bioplex Magnesium may be the equivalent of 3,166 mg of Magnesium from an inorganic Magnesium supplement.  Magnesium Proteinate is palatable to horses as a supplement in feed.

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