Base Mix P55 Powder 15lb

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Base Mix P55 is a vitamin-mineral supplement featuring a balanced Calcium: Potassium ratio for the pregnant or lactating mare and growing horse.

Meeting ideal nutritional requirements with over 50 ingredients including Lysine and Probiotics, Base Mix P55 efficiently delivers optimal key minerals and vitamins critically important from gestation through weanling for both mare and foal. Also excellent for horses on mixed and/or legume forages. 

Available in additional sizes:
15lb pail = 60 day supply
45lb pail = 180 day supply

Feed at the rate of 113.4 g per head per day top dressed on feed. (Directions based on 1000 lbs. body weight)

Development of the foal begins in the mare.

From gestation through weanling, providing adequate vitamins and minerals to both mare and foal is absolutely essential to building a healthy adult horse, as well as to maintaining a healthy mare. The pregnant and lactating mare's body is geared to meet the nutritional requirements of the developing fetus and foal, no matter what. This means that if there is a shortfall in vitamin or mineral intake, the mare will break down her own tissues to liberate those nutrients for the foal.

Meeting ideal requirements for both lactating mare and young foal

Growing foals have virtually identical requirements as mares in early lactation in terms of the vitamins and minerals they need in the diet. With vitamins, minerals and probiotics, Base Mix P55 is ideal for meeting their dietary needs. Base Mix P55 features a balanced Calcium to Potassium ratio. The trace minerals in Base Mix P55 will compensate for high levels of Manganese present in many diets, and generous levels of all vitamins and probiotic organisms are provided.

The recommended feeding rate is one dose (113.4 grams or two scoops) per 1000 pounds of body weight, which would be adjusted down appropriately for foals.

Base Mix P55 is a vitamin-mineral supplement designed exclusively for the pregnant or lactating mare and growing horse. It is also recommended for performance horses on mixed and/or legume forages.

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