Will Tendon EQ help with my horse's suspensory tear?

Question: I am writing in regards to some questions I have about the Tendon EQ supplement. I have a mare who had a suspensory tear in her front left limb that was discovered in August. She had 11% of the fibers attached at that time. At her 60 day recheck, she had 67%. At the last recheck in mid February, she had 83% reattached and flexed a 0/5 which was great news. However, since she has been put back into work, she has been taking some uneven steps on the front left. I have no clue what rehabbing a suspensory injury looks like, specifically when she is not 100% healed yet. She is still on stall rest, but is scheduled to go back on turnout in a small paddock in the next week or so. My question is this - Is the Tendon EQ something that would help her out here? She has been getting MagnaWave, red light therapy, and stall rest for her recovery. Stem cell and shockwave were not discussed at the time of injury as options, but I am not sure why. I have several calls into my vet regarding the concerns I am having, but have not heard back at this time. Any insight you have would be extremely helpful. Dr. Kellon: Tendon EQ contains all the ingredients to support tendon and ligament health.

Sounds like this is a high suspensory injury - correct? If so, shock wave is a good option. Pulsed electromagnetic is also very helpful in my experience but it should be daily. You can rent a leg unit from Respond Systems.

Ligaments take longer to heal than tendons. A year is not unusual. You may want to consult your vet about keeping with controlled hand walking until she stabilizes or heals further.

I would strongly suggest you invest in an icing boot or just use a tall kichen trash bag and ice water to ice the leg for 30 minutes after exercise. This will help control any inflammation that inevitably comes with breaking down scar tissue or damage to weak new attachments.

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