What else could help my dog other than Prednisone?

Question: Hello. I have a 4 yr old German shepherd that was diagnosed with auto immune disease a year ago, hes been on prednisone since diagnosed. He started on a high dosage and is now down to one tab A-day(had been for most of the diagnose) we cannot lower it, Due to his symptoms coming back. one pill a day is the magic number. I ask my vet if there's a way to diagnose what type of autoimmune he had so I could figure out different ways to treat him I know he cannot be on the predizon forever. he has gained a lot of weight and all the other side effects that come with it. My vet said there's no way to determine what type of autoimmune he actually has. I thought it could be done through blood work but I have no idea I just want to treat my dog the best way I can to keep him healthy he is on a prebiotic probiotic, enzyme and fish oil which has seemed to help him a lot as well. I don't know if A DNA a test would help determine anything. If there is any advice that you can offer to help I would greatly appreciate it. when he 1st started having symptoms he was having a hard time getting up-and-down and moving around like he had hip dysplasia and arthritis of a 14 year old German shepherd . The 1st 6 hours after his 1st dose of prednisone he was running around the house like normal but still with a bit of stiffness or whatever. I also was looking into putting him on beta thym. Dr. Kellon: This article is a bit technical but will give you some idea of the complexity of the condition.  Was your dog tested for Lyme disease? Otherwise you probably should get a second opinion with an internal medicine specialty practice or at a vet school.
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