Tom Robertson

What is your discipline, and what do you love about it?
I specialize in fitting, training and preparing halter horses.  It has been a lifelong passion of mine to make my horses look better every day of their lives.  I incorporate a fine balance of exercise, nutrition and grooming to get them into the condition necessary to make them a champion.
Please tell us a little about yourself:  When did you start in the industry? What serves as your inspiration? 
I started showing Quarter Horses as a kid, and professionally when I was in my teens.  Although I rode and participated in other disciplines, my heart always led me to perfecting the halter horses that I was training. I have been fortunate to have had some of the finest horses in our industry pass through my hands!
What are the milestones or accomplishments you are most proud of?
In the course of the 35+ years that I have been professionally training halter horses, I have been proud to produce many Congress and World Champions, in youth and amateur.  I take great pride in watching my clients and owners be able show the horses successfully themselves, even more than numerous Congress and World Champions that I have shown myself. 
What are some of your most noteworthy awards, certifications or records broken?
Along with my Halter Futurity Champions, and those from the Congress and World Shows, I am especially proud of the judging assignments that I have accepted and carried out.  I have judged the All American Quarter Horse Congress, and am a 3-time AQHA World Show judge, as well as a 2-time APHA World Show judge.  I have also judged the NSBA World Show 2-times, which is an honor to judge a discipline outside of my expertise at the highest level.
What is your favorite Uckele Equine Product, and what results did you notice?
GUT Because the majority of our Halter Horses are young, they are especially vulnerable to the daily stress that comes with being a show horse.   That stress from being on the road, and changing environments often results in discomfort and stomach ulcers.  Uckele’s GUT product is used as a standard daily supplement at Tom Robertson Quarter Horses.  We find GUT to be the best preventative supplement available on the market today for this stomach irritation.  When being fed GUT daily, our horses are content, comfortable, and are happy to eat.  Another major advantage to GUT is that it is very palatable; we have yet to have a horse that would not eat it.  All of these attributes make our job much easier…keeping our halter horses eating is vital to our success.
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