Timber Moore

What is your discipline, and what do you love about it?
As a professional Tie-Down Roper what makes me enthusiastic about the sport is the competition and the horses.  The horses’ involvement plays a huge role in being successful in this sport. A great horse really stands out and having a connection with that horse makes all the difference. I have ridden MFO Harvey, aka “Colonel,” since 2012. He was named the AQHA-PRCA Horse of the year in 2016. 2015 he came in as the runner up.
Please tell us a little about yourself:  When did you start in the industry? What serves as your inspiration?
I started out in JR rodeo when I was 8 years old. I began my professional carrier in 2008. My Dad was the person who got me started in rodeo.
What are the milestones or accomplishments you are most proud of?
I am most proud of wining the Calgary Stampede in 2015 and qualifying for the Wrangler National Rodeo five times.
What are some of your most noteworthy awards, certifications or records broken?
My personal best time is 6.4 seconds.
What is your favorite Uckele Equine Product, and what results did you notice?
I have had my horse Colonel on Uckele’s Lubrigen, Tri-Amino, and Lyte Now. I have really noticed better muscle tone since starting the Tri-Amino. Colonel has been moving easier being on the Lubrigen. It can be hard to get him to drink enough when we’re on the road. Lyte Now ensures he gets the electrolytes he needs to recover and encourages him to drink more.
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