Please explain the best way to feed jiaogulan

Question: Please explain the best way to feed Jiaogulan? My vet recommended this to help with the winter laminitis flare-up 

  • 1 tsp twice a day for 2 weeks
  • 1 tsp once a day for 1 week
  • wrap legs
  • bute powder

She is an 18-year Welsh pony, she can barely walk, and lays down a lot. I have been following my vet's recommendation for 1 week with no improvement. Upon reading up on the supplement I have read not to use bute with Jiaogulan, please help!


Dr. Kellon: The bute will block the Jiagulan from working. Stop that and start Jiaogulan at 1 tsp twice a day, paying close attention to how pink the gums and tongue are. Increase dose as needed to make them obviously pinker. Cold is the problem here so you want to use wool socks and boots, as well as lined shipping wraps on the legs.

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