More Bad Advice about Equine Metabolic Syndrome

More Bad Advice about Equine Metabolic Syndrome My attention was recently brought to a Facebook post which claimed there are plants that can "help shrink the adipocytes, improve metabolism, and protect against a laminitic attack"
If there were plants that could do this, especially protect against laminitis, the discoverer would be incredibly wealthy. Spoiler: They can't.
. produce inflammatory cytokines which lead to insulin resistance but the overwhelming majority of equine studies show this is not true in the horse.
This post also talked about toxic plants that could be of benefit stating "horses will pick at a wide range of sometimes noxious plants to provide them with ‘fat busting’ compounds and they have an innate ability to know how much is enough to be of benefit." This is nonsense. Horses typically avoid most toxic plants unless there is nothing else to eat. There are naturally occurring plant toxicities and deaths in horses every year.
It also talks about laminitis being inflammatory. This too is false
At the very least when presented with claims like this ask for proof (published studies) specifically in horses that it's true. If you are given a paper or presentation, look carefully for words such as "might", "could", "potentially" and the like because they all indicate nothing is proven.
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