I ride dressage, and the thing I love most about it is the details. Dressage is an incredibly nuanced sport, and my neurotic little heart loves that I can pick apart the smallest thing in a test - a corner, a circle, a transition - and address it until it is flawless.
Please tell us a little about yourself:  When did you start in the industry? What serves as your inspiration?
I started riding at age 11 because I’d broken my femur in a football accident (life lesson: 5th grade boys are meanies), and I wanted to find an activity I could do that didn’t require I be able to run. It stuck, and while I went through college studying non-horse things, the horses had my heart. I am inspired by my idol and friend, US Olympian Carol Lavell who, like me, trained her own horses to the upper levels.
What are the milestones or accomplishments you are most proud of?
Of course I’m terribly proud of the successes I’ve had at the international levels, but I think I’m more proud of watching my students go up the levels, particularly on horses I’ve trained. A horse of mine named Stratocaster was a tricky young horse who grew up to be a phenomenal success with me at the Small Tour, then took two of my assistant trainers to success at Prix St. Georges, and is now showing my mom the ropes. There’s no greater thrill than watching one of your four-legged students help your two-legged students learn and achieve.
What are some of your most noteworthy awards, certifications or records broken?
I earned my USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals before my 21st birthday. In 2005, I won the Young Rider Freestyle on a record score that, to the best of my knowledge, still stands. I’ve won 9 Regional & BLM Championships, and 8 Reserve Championships. In 2016, aboard Ellegria, I was invited to the World Cup Test Event CDI4* in Omaha, Nebraska, and placed 3rd in the Grand Prix Freestyle. We also earned Grand Prix scores to 78.9% in our career together, and placed 3rd in the USDF National Finals in the Grand Prix Freestyle.
What is your favorite Uckele Equine Product, and what results did you notice?
One of my favorite Uckele products is GUT. I started using it with my Grand Prix horse, Ellegria, when she was a youngster. Ella’s always been the nervous sort, and she struggled tremendously with change. It would show up in her appetite - she wouldn’t eat on the road, or at a new farm, and as a harder keeper it really took its toll on her body. I started feeding GUT to her daily, and administering her a tube when we travelled. Her appetite stayed normal, and she was able to advance up the levels and learn to settle at shows. We now have every horse in the barn on it, and it’s particularly helpful when traveling, with off-track horses, and with the show string. It’s a barn staple!
What is your favorite Uckele Human product, and what results did you notice?
I don’t go anywhere without VRL Shield. I’m on the road an absolutely stupid amount every year, between shows and clinics, and I used to get this annual Death Plague at the beginning and end of every summer competition season, as getting sick with something every time I got on an airplane. Not anymore! VRL Shield is my hero!
What is your favorite canine product, and what results did you notice?
I adopted Nike, my pit bull mix, knowing his hind legs were a little funny, but my veterinarian confirmed advanced hip dysplasia, and advised me to keep Nike’s playing and running to a minimum. But when I started him on Joint Plus, it was like I had a new dog. Nike romps around as long and hard as any of the other dogs. My vet and I are both terribly impressed!