Is my current hay balancing program working?

Question: This is what I am currently feeding my horse, and 830 mare that is 23 years old.
Daily amount - split into AM, PM and Late night
R/S/R Smart Beet beet pulp pellets - (1 cup dry)
Glycocemic EQ pellets - 1 scoop
Stabul 1 - 1 cup
Vermont blend - (slightly less than 1/4 cup )
Triple Crown ground flax - 3 tablespoons
Kentucky performance probiotic - 1 scoop
Elevate E maintenance powder - 2 scoops ( I have tried unsuccessfully with the liquid)
Cocosoya - sprinkled on as needed ( I have a bag of coco omega but she will not eat it)
2 1/4 Prascend pills - AM  only
Metformin syringed twice daily ( 12 tablets each time)
Attached is my hay analysis. We sampled 15 bales.
Dr. Kellon: You have some significant mineral imbalances and this combination isn't correcting them. Stop the Vermont Blend and give 2 rounded scoops Equi-Cal plus 2 scoops Equi-VM plus 2 scoops Equi VM per 20 to 22 lbs of hay. If you are feeding less than that, adjust accordingly - e.g. 15 lbs: 15/20 = 3/4 of the 20 lb doses or 1.5 scoops.
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