Do my overweight horses need thyroid support?

Question: I have 2 horses who seem like they could use thyroid support.  1 is a 7 year old gelding with metabolic syndrome who is “fat.”  The other is a 22 year old mare with PPID, who is on Pergolide. She is very thin. Too thin. Both are on magnesium, chromium, copper and zinc. Which is helping their feet quite a lot. But not helping their weight issues.  Would the TSF100 product be good for both horses, or is that better for the fat gelding and not the thin mare? Is there something for the mare? Would kelp be beneficial for example?  Any suggestions most appreciated. Thank you! Dr. Kellon: Low thyroid levels in these horses would be secondary to their primary problem - the metabolic syndrome and PPID/Cushing's.

EMS horses have abnormal appetites and will overeat. You need to limit his hay intake to 1.5% of bodyweight.

The mare's issue could be because she is not getting enough pergolide. The only correct dose is the one that controls ACTH. If her ACTH is normal, she would benefit from a diet of soaked Triple Crown Naturals Timothy Balance cubes plus Absorb-All.

You made a good start on minerals but that list is incomplete. Get them both on at least 1 ounce of iodized salt/day plus Equi-VM, although if you switch the mare to the soaked cubes diet you will only need to give her the salt since they are already supplemented.

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