Can I feed these supplements together?

Question: I have a metabolically challenged 16-year-old Morgan. IR and laminitis prone. I am super careful of his diet and grass (virtually none). Just had xrays done and he seems to be exhibiting some mild arthritis. He is ridden regularly (5 x a week) for 1-3 each time. Trail riding, walking, and some trot, hills, and sand. The vet suggested a joint supplement, but I don't want any glucosamine. The person I chatted with at Uckele said both Hylarin-b and the hemp joint supplement would be OK for a sugar-sensitive horse. Since they seem to have different ingredients, I was wondering if feeding them together would be OK and if there would be an advantage to doing that. Or if you have any other recommendations, Thank you.


Dr. Kellon: The customer representative was correct - and so are you. Combining these two products would be ideal.

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