Can You Help Balance my Horse's Diet?

Question: Thank you for your help and expertise through your courses and through the ECIR. I owe so much to you and the group for help with both of my PPID/IR horses. But I am in need of some help with diet balancing. Attached is my hay test. I took your course in Nov. and got things balanced myself (or so I thought) in January. However, Kate's reddish mane has not improved as much as I thought it would and Bullitt's insulin level is back up into the 130s (range 10-40). I am working on updating the case history with these blood results we just got a couple of days ago, but now I am really worried I missed the mark on their diets. I bought everything from Uckele (Poly Copper, Poly Zinc, Ca, etc.) and need to reorder very soon, so I thought I would at least reach out and see if you are willing to help so I could know what I need going forward. I would really appreciate it. I hope to have Bullitt's case history updated and posted to ECIR today (Kate's was updated a couple of days ago).

Dr. Kellon: I would soak the hay at least for Bullitt. It's borderline safe. On minerals, I would take MG up to match P so that's 8 grams. Copper 660 mg, zinc 2000, selenium 2, iodine 3.5. This is all per 20 to 22 lbs of hay. I would also add 2000 IU of vitamin E, 4 to 6 oz flax or CocoOmega, and 20 mg biotin. Biotin benefits skin, coat, hooves, and insulin sensitivity.

If all the red in the mane is at the ends, it may be dead hair. Try trimming it off.

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