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How To Feed Donkeys

How To Feed Donkeys Interest in keeping donkeys as horse companions is growing. While it's probably true that both species would prefer the company of their own, the fact is they do get along very well once the horse get...Read more

Deworming Strategy

Deworming Strategy Deworming by fecal egg count (FEC) is advocated as a way to avoid overexposure of parasites to deworming drugs. It's important to understand the effect of deworming by FEC is primarily to minimize env...Read more

MMP Enzymes and Laminitis

MMP Enzymes and Laminitis If you follow news releases and articles about equine laminitis you have surely seen mention of MMP enzymes since the late 1900s....Read more

Say "No" To Keto

Say "No" To Keto Maybe it is the interest in getting in shape this time of year but I am being asked about keto dieting for horses again. Equine Metabolism is different! I wrote about the keto diet 3 years ago and...Read more

Understanding Protein Needs

Understanding Protein Needs Although most people can quote the percent protein in their feed, and manufacturers make a point of it, this particular piece of information is almost worthless. The horse's protein requirement is in ...Read more

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